Shoot your food

From a well done food photography you should get hungry! But how do you really make it? Together with a good recipe, a great photo technique and a good styling you probably have good chances to make it.

 In Tastecelebration Residence you can follow several courses in beginners photo techniques and food styling.

During the courses we work with dishes prepared in the kitchen in advance or prepared together with you. To give your photos a feeling and life you need props. Props means al the plates, bowls, knifes, forks, napkins etc. For making the photos we work with the thousands of different props available in the Residence.

We give courses both in Sweden and Holland in both Swedish, English and Dutch. In Holland we work together with Kamera Express and offer several courses throughout the country. In Sweden we give these courses in Sweden.

The courses can be given in different time slots but we always start from levels and needs from the participants. For examples can chefs or self-employed join a course to make better photos for their dishes.

We also offer a course for Instagram foodies who wants to photograph their own food in a home situation.

The courses can be given for participants with a mobile phone with focus on social media or with a SLR-camera.


For groups we also organize a combination of courses. Stay at our hotel, cook food and make photos together. A great way to combine work and fun during a conference or a get together with friends.

Between the courses there is enough free time to enjoy the surroundings  and everything that the area and Österlen is offering. We are happy to tell your our hidden places!

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