Friday laptopdag

Sometimes it is wonderful to be able to do your work in peace and quiet. And sometimes it’s nice to have people around you who inspire, just drink a coffee with or start a discussion.
At the Residence we know how it works. We know the lonely times when we work through the night to meet the deadline. But we also know how nice it can be to have people around you. People that you can exchange ideas with, eat something with, grow your network with etc. In that way we all can get new energy to do even more great things.

We know that the Residence is located in an area where many small free lancers are located. Only the municipality of Tomelilla has about 2000! And we think that these people and many more have a lot to tell each other. Or else to us.
That is why the Residence is opens their doors on Tuesdays for freelancers, advisors, networkers and just people who enjoy sitting in a dynamic place. We have the place, food, drinks and wifi for you. The rest you have to do yourself.
You can use the open spaces in the building or find a lovely spot in the garden.
For a daywork we have a special day ticket including 2x barista coffee, Swedish fika, lunch, wifi and a wonderful view over the landscape. If you only come for a shorter time you can of course also buy everything separately.

In principle, the Laptop day is every Friday, however at special circumstances this can be changes. Always consult the agenda in What’s cooking.

Whether you are a writer, inventor, broker, police officer, director, architect, mayor, student, journalist or analyst; for an inspiring working day you are most welcome to come to Andrarum!

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