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Walking and biking

Get out and move!

We are situated in the middle of wonderful Österlen in the very south of Sweden. Around us we have wonderful nature and lots of great possibilities to walk, run and bike.

If you like to be in the nature, a walk is one of the best ways to enjoy it. Just a few meters from our hotel we have several walking paths to enjoy no matter if you prefer shorter or longer walks. You will see a fascinating nature around you with red kites in the sky, waterfalls, beach wood and much more!

If you would like a map, we can help you with that at the hotel. We also sell books about the walking in the area.
You can also plan your walk ahead with checking Skåneleden.se 
or Backaleden .

We are happy to help you plan your weekend with walking and food. We can arrange picknick and transport if needed. Of course we also like to serve you dinner and/or coffee with something sweet in between or when you are back.

If you  are a real foodie, we also offer a three days foodie walk in cooperation with beautiful Drakamöllans gårdshotell .


On the bike

If you prefer moving on the bike this is the area to be! You can go in all directions and enjoy smalll roads along the coast and through the wonderful beach woods.

Sydostleden (a organized bike path from Växjö to Simrishamn in Sweden) is passing our hotel with a few hundred meters and can be used partly if you thinks its too far to complete the track.
The possibilities are many and we are happy to help you to find the best way.
If you don’t have a bike on your own we can arrange a rent-a-bike to be delivered here for your stay (has to be prebooked).

Events on the bike
There are several events throughout the season that can be enjoyed on bike.
During eastern there is a lovely art fair in the complete area and in the end of May, the event Matrundan takes place with many food producers, restaurants and other companies connected to food in different ways.

Of course we have an area to keep you bike safe in the night and bicycle pump.

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