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Cook your cooking book

This might be one of those items that needs some explanation here…

Part from renting our rooms for mettings etc, you can also come for a longer stay to finally finish that cookbook. We know several storied from chefs or authors having trouble finding the time and rest to write down, develop or complete their fantastic ideas for a cooking book. If thats the case, we have the solution for you!

Here in the Residence you can enjoy the silence to do the writing, test your recipes but also cook your ready recipes and shoot the photos for the book.

To your help you have a professional restaurant kitchen. If you however miss any special equipment we are happy to help you order its

For the photo sessions we have thousand of different props, al available for you. They extend from art deco to Ikea and lots in between (props are the different plates, bowls, knifes, forks and other attributes needed to set the right feelings for your dish). If you like, there is a photographer in-house. If not, feel free to take in from outside.

You choose yourself how much help and time you need from us in your work. This way you can finally get the book ready on time for your publisher!

Send us an mail to discuss the possibilities!

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