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Booking terms

Booking terms

We would like to inform you about the rules that apply when you make a booking and / or stay at Tastecelebration Residence.



All payment at Tastecelebration Residence is done electronic by card payment. We accept most cards but unfortunately not American Express.


Minimum age of booking a hotel room is 18 years old.


Booking and confirmation

A booking is binding when it has been confirmed. This can be done orally or in writing, for example via e-mail. You and the hotel have thus reached an agreement. However, some cancellation options are available – see section “Cancellation and non-arrival”.


Arrival and departure

The hotel room is at your disposal at 16.00 on the day of arrival.

Departure date, you must leave the room by 11:00.


Late arrival

The room is reserved for arrival until 21:00. If you expect to arrive later, you must inform the hotel in advance via e-mail or phone.


Cancellation and no-show

The following rules apply:

– Cancellation must be made no later than. 18.00 the day before arrival. If you don’t show up without cenelling your stay or cancel your booking later than. 18.00 the day before you arrival, you have to pay for one day.

– If the hotel has special charges due to your reservation, you will be liable for these.


Departure before the agreed time

If you have made a booking for a certain period of time but decide to leave before the end of this period, you will pay the same compensation as in the case of late cancellation. In addition to the price of the time spent at the hotel, you pay for another day.

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