Tastecelebration Residence is located in the old Jägmästarbostaden in Andrarum. It is situated in the very south of Sweden in a beautiful part called Österlen.

The house is about 8 km from Brösarp, please consult the road directions on this page if you find it difficult to find in all the small roads around here.

Tastecelebration Residence is created and based on our big passion FOOD. In our house you can experience it in several ways;
Look at beautiful food in exhibitions, listen to crunching meringues when doing a Swedish fika, smell freshly ground coffee beans, experience a new taste, feel the crooked trunk of our old apple tree or learn something new in a course.

 In the house there are four hotel rooms, a cookbook library, a coffee bar, restaurant, exhibitions, a fantastic garden and plans for lots of fun to come!



Check the availability of our hotel here!

Make you reservation for the restaurant by calling 0046 (0) 708-153955 or send a mail to

  • All payments are made electronically. We accept most cards (execpt AMEX). We also accept Swish and Blipp.
  • The address to Tastecelebration Residence is Jägmästarbostaden 101.

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The story behind

Still every day we have to pinch ourself in the arm. It’s fantastic to be able to work and live in such a beautiful place.

We who run Tastecelebration Residence are Isabel and Joost. A Sweed and a Dutchmen  that met each other 15 years ago in a event congress in Sheffield. Together and on our own we have spending much time and work within the media- and entertainment industry.
From organisation of big events to advice to cities for festivals and city marketing. We have organized the yearly Dutch event awards but also given lessons in event management at the university in the Hague and Rotterdam. The multitasking turned to be something we both enjoyed.

During the years the culinary interest started to grow more intensive for Isabel. Born into a restaurant family it wasn’t maybe that stronge after al… More and more recipes was created and often consulted during dinners and on the phone with father and chef Lennart Brummer.
Shortly after Lennart sadly passed away the idea for starting the blog was born.

To have a blog in three languages gives a lot of job but not necessarily so much to actually live from to start with.
Despite that, more and more assignments started to come in, sometimes al by itself and sometimes with hard work. After a few years we noticed that we had a created a company with many activities and lots of possibilities.

One thing lead to another and we got the chance to take over Jägmästarbostaden in Andrarum it only took a few meetings in the car back and forth to Holland until we decided. The blog was going to get an offline meeting point for foodies from al over.

After a year of planning, renovating and fixing Tastecelebration Residence is finally ready.
We are enormously proud and long for to welcome you here!

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